Is it time to sell a stock after one terrible quarter? Apparently so, at least not for Asbury Automotive Group (ABG). Investors have pushed up its stock by around 8% in the two weeks after it posted less-than-impressive earnings. On Tuesday, Asbury stock’s Relative Strength (RS) Rating increased from 67 to 73.

According to the 73 RS Rating, Asbury stock beat 73% of all equities in terms of price performance over the last 12 months. According to market research, the top stocks often have an RS Rating over 80 when they begin their biggest increases. See whether Asbury Automotive can continue to recover and reach that goal. However, the corporation must establish itself following a poor financial report last quarter.

On April 25, Asbury Automotive reported a 10% drop in first-quarter profits to a still-hefty $8.37 per share. Revenue decreased 8% at $3.58 billion. However, Asbury’s revenues increased by 53%, 61%, and 40% in the previous three quarters. Similarly, its EPS increased by 29%, 25%, and 22% over same time period. It’s easy to understand how Wall Street may dismiss last quarter’s performance as a fluke.

Furthermore, the stock may have been due for a drop. It climbed from an intraday low of 157.53 on December 20 to an all-time high of 253.67 on February 2 before stabilising. It closed at about 202 on Tuesday, up little for the day.

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