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Asset Allocation

Is an integral part of any portfolio’s construction and strategy.


The demand from our clients for access to alternative asset classes has grown significantly over the past several years, and this has significantly contributed to Mayfair International Capital Limited’s development as a preeminent independent advisory firm.

A significant element in advancing a client’s financial prosperity and well-being is the capacity to provide both conventional and alternative asset allocations. Alternative investment vehicles are known to have higher risk values, but at Mayfair International Capital Limited, we believe that our in-house research and analysis procedures reduce these to acceptable levels so that we can justifiably present these opportunities to clients who ordinarily feel they are out of their price range or who are ineligible to participate. Mayfair International Capital Limited believes wholeheartedly that every investor, retail or institutional, deserves the same level playing field and chance to take part in non-traditional investment opportunities where historically, larger profits are gained.

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The investment process is started by Mayfair International Capital Limited by evaluating and comprehending each client’s needs, circumstances, priorities, and ambitions. Applying clear financial objectives in conjunction with our due diligence and leading-edge industry research allows us to create an active portfolio that builds, protects, and perpetuates the assets of our customers.

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Mayfair International Capital Limited initiates the investment process by assessing and understanding each client’s needs, circumstances, priorities, and goals. Our due diligence and industry leading research are followed by applying clear financial objectives to achieve an active portfolio that accumulates, preserves, and perpetuates the clients’ assets.
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