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Secondary Markets

The significant difference – The companies are not publicly traded on an usually, they are companies that are in late-stage VC backed cycles and are either looking to list within a short timeframe or are still in development stage.

Our Purpose

To improve transaction security and safety because exchanges are motivated to draw investors by stopping bad conduct under their watchful eye. When capital markets are more efficiently and safely allocated, the entire economy gains.
Before their initial public offerings, several emerging technology companies are building up larger value stores. This reduces risk because they have already established their position or niche within their industry and are moving in the direction of profitability. Employees, founders, and early-stage VC companies are among the sellers of the shares who are exciting in terms of their investment period. Mayfair International Capital Limited has set itself up to collaborate with these organizations in order to provide its clients alternative investing possibilities and make these occasionally enigmatic investment opportunities available to regular retail investors.

Since the bulk of these businesses had established track records before going public, they were able to attract funds much more easily than those that went through the traditional channels. One important element is that they are all located in expanding economies, which favor higher rates of return upon leaving.

We think that if they meet the requirements of their wealth management strategy, investors at all levels should be allowed to access these kinds of financial instruments.

Given that these transactions frequently need an invitation, we are quite picky about which secondary market organizations we collaborate with, and every suggestion has been thoroughly examined by our internal experts.

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