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Traditional Asset Classes

Simply put, a traditional asset class is a grouping of comparable financial securities.


For instance, a group of stocks includes IBM, Microsoft, and Apple. Asset classes and categories of asset classes are frequently combined.
  • Stocks and Equities
  • Fixed-Income Bonds
  • Cash
  • Portfolios and investments in real estate
  • Cryptocurrencies (excluding ICOs)
  • Equities (stocks), fixed income (bonds), and cash equivalents or money market instruments have historically been the three basic asset classes.
Currently, what is referred to as a traditional asset includes real estate, commodities, futures, other financial derivatives, and even cryptocurrency. Investment assets comprise both physical and intangible items that investors buy and sell in order to increase their income over the short- or long-term.

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When attempting to build a portfolio that offers long-term growth potential or dividend investment methods, a variety of asset classes has long been seen as the preferred way to diversify and limit risk.

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