Tucker Carlson revealed Tuesday in a Twitter video that he will debut his program on Elon Musk’s social media platform. Carlson was sacked from his prime-time role by Fox News little over two weeks ago.

Carlson informed viewers in his three-minute video that they are being “manipulated” by the mainstream media. Twitter, he argued, “is not a partisan site.”

Even though it irritates many users, the controversial Tucker Carlson might help Musk’s Twitter. The decision may worsen Twitter’s ad revenue troubles, as large advertisers seek to avoid contentious material. A more polarized Twitter, on the other hand, may entice Carlson admirers to sign up for Twitter Blue.

Elon Musk underlined in a Tuesday night tweet that “we have not signed any kind of deal” with Tucker Carlson. “Tucker is bound by the same rules and rewards as all other content creators.” Rewards include subscriptions and advertising income shares (currently working on the software required for the latter), which are determined by the number of individuals who subscribe and the advertising views linked with his content.”

Earlier Tuesday, Musk remarked on an article accusing Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta Platforms (META) of swaying the 2020 election to Democrats in a Twitter post. He then said that Meta’s WhatsApp social network is untrustworthy.

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